The grower/requester connection and the PBS

Laura & Dave
Mon, 31 May 2004 00:02:10 PDT
My reasons for suggesting having the seeds going through the PBS SX are 
many.  One would be that the profit gained from the SX is used to help 
keep the email and web sites going, or used for other expenses to the 
group.  (Tnstaafl ... there's no such thing as a free lunch)  Another 
reason is that since seed is being harvested, one might as well send a 
goodly lot to the SX, so that many people can benefit.  Another reason, 
as I said before, is that postage, packaging and the chore of addressing 
would be reduced for the members sending seed.  Our Sx coordinator, 
Dell, is doing a great job, and the frequent announcements would ensure 
that the seed would have nearly identical freshness.  Should there be a 
special need, the grower and requester can always strike a separate 

Thanks again,
   Peace and good gardening
      Dave Brastow

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