USDA Import Permits, caveat and assumptions
Sun, 02 May 2004 11:18:04 PDT
Hi all,

I'll send an email to follow, how I got the permit and what I did, etc.  My 
assumptions are that the new rules are essentially the same, except that the 
requirement for a Phytosanitary Certificate has been dropped for importing small 
amounts of seed.  This forum has a lot of smart members with sharp eyes;  if 
I have misunderstood the proposed rule changes please let me know where I have 
gone wrong.  

It would not be unusual to misunderstand USDA rules.  Regulatory agencies 
have no obligation to make sense or to make it easy on us.  Some USDA rules I 
have seen are nearly impossible for me to understand.  USDA rules and regulations 
are sometimes written with liberal use of impenetrable verbiage, and they are 
so cryptic they could probably put lawyers into comas.    

But, for now, my assumption is that there are presently two (2) requirements 
for importing and that the rule changes are dispensing with one (1) of the 
requirements for importing small amounts of seeds, or a few bare root plants.  I 
interpret the new rules to mean that the costly part (Phytosanitary 
Certificate from the sender) is being waived for hobbyists.  


Drying out in Conroe, TX, we got over 6 inches of rain according to my home 
made rain gauge--almost 4.5 inches of rain according to the nearest airport.  I 
really do have mosquito fish swimming over my lawn that is covered with 

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