Info on relaxation of USDA import rules for seed
Tue, 04 May 2004 19:38:01 PDT
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From: "Russell Stafford, Odyssey Bulbs" 
>Soon thereafter, though, comes this sentence: "As 
with permits for other 
>plant material that is imported into the United 
States, the permit for the 
>small lots of seed would be sent to the importer 
along with written 
>instructions, a copy of the import requirements, and 
a standard green and 
>yellow shipping label."  This hints that the permit 
might not be the 597 
>permit and that it would be good for only one 
shipment.  On the other hand, 
>it could merely be fuzzy writing.  It's happened 

To me, this implies that a photocopy of your "small 
quantities of seed" permit (or perhaps a copy of a 
standard import permit) should be sent to the shipper, 
along with the proper shipping tags and a copy of the 
import requirements. This sounds very similar to the 
present plant material protocols, except that there is 
no mention of a phytosanitary permit.

If that's the case, I'd say that it amounts to a 
relaxation of the current regulations


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