fabulous foliage

Judy Glattstein jglatt@ptd.net
Thu, 27 May 2004 05:14:58 PDT
First one that comes to mind is caladium - tropical tubers that love heat,
humidity, appreciate shade, and have enough color that I don't even need to
plant impatiens. Besides, the deer strolling through my garden ignore
caladiums, a very large plus.

Cannas such as 'Australia' are coming along with purple-bronze foliage;
there's gold-striped 'Pretoria'; and razzmatazz peachy, bronze, green
'Tropicana'. All fine for sun and wet. Then there's that intransigent
Stuttgart with gray-green and white blotched leaves that likes to brown at
the edges unless conditions of moisture and shade are just right.

Cyclamen - who needs flowers when leaves look this good?

Arum italicum - anything looks good when there's snow on the ground, and the
embellishments of 'Pictum' or Chameleon just add to the fun.

regards from Judy in gray and overcast New Jersey

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