Lilium mackliniae photo

John Bryan
Mon, 17 May 2004 10:47:21 PDT
Dear All:

So pleased to hear that Lilium mackliniae is giving pleasure to many. It
recalls to mind the time I met Kingdon Ward, I think it was in 1955 and
he told me about discovering it, a great man, ramrod straight, gray hair
and he was so gracious in taking time to talk to me. he came up to me,
thrust out his hand and said " I am Kingdon Ward", how does one reply to
such a man? I simply said I am John Bryan and we chatted for quite a
while. Cheers, John E. Bryan wrote:
> Thanks for sharing I would be excited to have such a beauty blooming in my
> garden also.  Enjoy and let us know how long the bloom lasts.
> Carolyn in Los Gatos, currently in Oregon
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