Old Wives Tales

Kelly O'Neill kellyo@wetrock.com
Tue, 04 May 2004 16:09:22 PDT
>  Logically why should seed production be so harmful to bulb 
> development? The longer it takes to produce seed, the longer foliage
> is present in general and that has to a goods thing to over all energy
> production.

  I agree the foliage ought be treated well for the best bulb growth. I 
think removing the seed heads (only) does help many plants. Some 
plants even die if you let them go to seed. Such plants are not evolved 
for long life of individuals. Bulbs do seem less likely to fall into that 
category. I don't generally worry about deadheading unless I know I 
want to bulk up the vegetation/bulb on an especially important plant or 
I know it likes to bloom/seed itself to death. I'm not much for providing 
"empirical data ". I'm not sure I can even think of a good example of a 
bulb that really (clearly) benefits from deadheading. I do still believe 
that part of the "wives tale".
  The foliage is very important to many. I don't think Jim was saying 
that if you cut the seed head the foliage dies sooner (I think he was 
saying people cut the foliage in the process of removing the seed 
heads). If seed head presence extended foliage health, I would need 
to reconsider my theories. I think it is the opposite. 
    Eremurus himilaicus (spelling probably off) and lots of irises 
glorious these days,  KellyO

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