Hippeastrum calyptratum

320083817243-0001@t-online.de 320083817243-0001@t-online.de
Sat, 29 May 2004 15:47:42 PDT
Dear All,

There are two flowers open for the first time on my plant of Hippeastrum 
calyptratum. The flowers are totally green without any red or other colour and 
emit a very strong strange not to say offensive smell. I wonder how they are 
pollinated being so green and growing epiphytically amongst a lot of greenery. 
Must be the smell that attracts the pollinator, perhaps bats? Does anybody 
I suspect that my plant will be self sterile. will it make sense to send pollen 
to the BX? How should I sent it? perhaps on cotton swabs? How else? Is there 
anybody interested in pollen at all before I go into the trouble of packing and 
sending it?

greetings, Uli

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