First Summer For Lachenalia
Sun, 21 Nov 2004 13:24:52 PST

I was concerned about over-summering some Lachenalia seedlings this past 
summer, their first summer.  I had germinated them a bit late (some didn't 
germinate till late February) and they were not very big plants at the start of 

The general advice was to dry them down; most thought they wouldn't make it 
through a tropical-type summer as we have here in the greater Houston, TX area. 
 A year earlier I had successfully killed a few Lachenalia seedlings when I 
tried to keep them outdoors all summer-they really resented wetness coupled 
with warm days and nights.  

So, I put my seedlings indoors about the beginning of June-I withheld water 
and just kept them in a bright window-they died down eventually, and I supposed 
they had made tiny storage bulbs.  The pots were small (12 ounce plastic 
cups) and the soil dried quickly and completely indoors, so I put about a teaspoon 
of water in the pots every other week.  I don't know if this water was 
helpful-but it was therapeutic for me.  

Finally, about 6 weeks ago, I put the pots back outside; this was just as an 
extremely warm October arrived-but with little rain-and no Lachenalia 
appeared.  However, in the past 3 weeks, every single species has started to send up 
leaves-they were probably just waiting for nights to get a bit cooler.  I'm 
pleased that they survived so well-the advice I got to dry them down for summer 
was very good advice indeed.  

They have been planted in a mix that is about 50% humus, 25% coarse sand, and 
25% perlite.  I don't know if this is what they prefer.  For now, they don't 
need new pots so perhaps I'll leave them in the drinking cups another year.  

Conroe Joe

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