Homeria collina

ConroeJoe@aol.com ConroeJoe@aol.com
Sun, 21 Nov 2004 12:12:41 PST

I got some corms about 18-20 months ago, from an email garden friend.  We 
traded daylilies for Homeria and Lycoris.

I potted them up, and they grew a little, but they didn't get lush in the 2-3 
months before hot, wet summer set in.  I dried them down for 4-5 months and 
then brought them out for last winter--they were in a small clay pot (7-8 
inches) and in soil that was about 60% coarse sand and perlite.  They did OK all 
winter and then I dried them down this past June.  

I don't know if they will take summer here.  June was a mess with rain every 
day and sticky humidity in between, with nights around 75 F (24 C) and days 
near 95 F (35 C).  Such temperatures are nothing like the   H. collina has a 
reputation as a weed in some climates, so perhaps it is very forgiving and might 
do fine here in summer if provided with adequate drainage.

The corms have been outside now since mid-October (winter 2) and I repotted 
them up into a 10 inch clay pot (double soil volume, and provided a bit richer 
soil mix around the original soil ball.  The plants have responded 
well--suddenly taller than ever before at 18-20 inches.  I'll keep the pot on the sunny 
front porch; the corms did well there last year, happily enduring temperatures 
down to 25 F (-4 C).  This fall I have provided dilute fertilizer--first 1/2 
strength fish emulsion and then, 4 weeks later, 1/4 strength 20-20-20 with 

The foliage is attractive, grasslike, sometimes a bit pendant, richly green 
but with a hint of blue on a cloudy day like today.  The grasslike leaves look 
good in a terra cotta pot.  Mine have not flowered, perhaps this coming spring 
they will do so.  I understand yellow forms exist; mine are supposed to be 
orange and I'll look around for yellow eventually.  


Conroe Joe
zone 9a, 5-7 inches of rain this week, lows near 60 F, highs near 75 F
greater Houston, TX area

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