basal disk

David Sneddon
Sun, 14 Nov 2004 11:21:54 PST
I've broken the basel plate of more than a few bulbs. It's not hard with some of the bigger crinums if you don't quite have the right leverage and haven't sliced in through the roots under the bulbs.
The advise and subsequent experience I have is to pot the bulb in course sand, and place it in the shade. A little humidity may also help promote growth. Keep it a little moist but not wet during it's growing season. You may also consider giving it a periodic dose of systemic fungacide.
All my damaged bulbs have regrown roots. Often they have come from the top edge (on the side) where the basel plate once was, and I think this may have meant that some basel material, though hard to discern, was left there for sufficient new growth.
If your bulb does not recover it will as others have said develop bulblets. I have also had at least one bulb with has actually divided into a number of bulbs inside the core bulb (killing the original). In this way I've got more than 4 plants from one. I've yet to see how they grow out their roots but this also seems to come from high up on the side.
Zone 9/10 (80Kms North of Sydney Australia).

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