Shade loving amaryllids

James Waddick
Mon, 08 Nov 2004 07:14:38 PST
>Can I get some suggestions for shade loving, summer moisture tolerant,
>and SE zone 7b hardy amaryllids?

	The top candidate here are Lycoris species. You can grow 
dozens if you can find them. Do a goggle for the Bulbmeister, Telos, 
Fairweathter Nursery, Plant Dleights to name a few.

>  For that matter irids too?
	Crested iris in general -I cristata, I tectorum and possibly 
I japonica.
	La iris will tolerate some light shade, not deep shade
	Crocus- some species like C. banaticus love these conditions.

	Galanthus, Leucojum vernum, too. Under deciduous trees try 
Scilla, daffodils etc.

	Lots of choices, but depends on degreee of shade.

		Jim W.
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