Tigridia pavonia winter storage

Dennis Kramb dkramb@badbear.com
Sun, 21 Nov 2004 17:23:55 PST
Did it ever occur to you to focus on plants/seeds that don't require 
special winter care?  :-)  Blasphemy!!!!

Actually, I've forced myself to do just that.  I had too many pots to haul 
indoors during bad winter weather.  It was too ugly and too much a 
burden.  So two years ago I started to eliminate the not-so-hardy species 
from my collection.  This year I only have one pot left!!!  I think that's 
quite an achievement.

PS: A lot of plants I decided to try my luck by planting them up against 
the house for extra winter protection.  So far, some of them have survived, 
but only time will really tell if it will succeed.

Dennis in Cincinnati

At 08:00 PM 11/21/2004, you wrote:
>Jim McK.,
>It's obvious:  You park your car and your wife's both on the driveway in 
>front of the garage and add the extra fridges inside the garage!  Or do 
>what we did after that option was overloaded.  We moved.  The extra garage 
>is the next logical step, insulated and with a nice gas furnace to keep it 
>above freezing in winter.  Unfortunately, it is now full of plants and 
>pots, so the new Gator 4X4 is in the garage space where my car used to 
>sit, and my car is out in the driveway.  Fortunately, we still have 4 more 
>acres to build on.
>Jim S.
>At 05:29 PM 11/21/2004 -0500, you wrote:
>>Jim and Ellen,
>>Of course you mean not a second but a third refrigerator. The second one is
>>already in place and is dedicated to the products of a particular  brewery
>>- there might be a disreputable looking cabbage or two in there, too.
>>The vegetable crisper is stuffed with packets of seeds (so is the small
>>freezer section).
>>There is also a stand alone freezer.
>>No, I don't think there is room for a fourth big appliance.
>>Jim McKenney
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