Vic Daniels Yellows

J.E. Shields
Fri, 19 Nov 2004 05:58:44 PST
Hi Folks,

I don't see any mention of Vic Daniels in Harold Koopowitz's book 
"Clivias." Harold, if it's in there, can you point me to it?

We saw some original Vic Daniels yellow clones flowering at a nursery in 
southern California last March. They are excellent light yellows, with nice 
wide petals and well-opened forms. The labels had long since been lost, so 
we have no way of knowing if they had been given names.

Eric Anderson, also in southern California, grows some Vic Daniels plants 
he got from his grandfather, Horace. I'm not sure whether they are original 
Daniels plants or seedlings from the Daniels line. Can anyone tell me?

I think the Vic Daniels yellows are very worthy of preservation and 
propagation. Does anyone out there in Clivia-land grow any of the original 
Daniels yellow plants? I just succeeded in begging a few offsets from 4 
clones; now I want to see who else has them. I certainly hope to propagate 
these plants in the coming years!

Jim Shields
in dark, wet, and warm central Indiana

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