Calochortus Hybrids

Robert Werra
Tue, 09 Nov 2004 16:43:22 PST
ear Nancy, I look forward to seeing the picture of the
pale yellow poorly open globe calochortus. 120 mi.
north of your site we have Calochortus amabilis(rich
yellow globe) and Calochotus tolmei(small openfaced
furry white-"pussy ears.") They grow in the same semi
shaded hillside which I fenced from the ravenous deer
25 yrs. ago. Since then they bloom in profusion, and
in some areas cheek by jowl. There are four plants as
you descrobe. They come back but seldom set seed. I
tried to germinate the occasional few seeds, but have
been unsuccesful. I have pictures but I'm too
unskilled to put them on internet. In the Sierras,
Their is a cross between Cal. albus(white globe) and
Cal. monophyllus(yellow cat's ear.) Sincerely, Bob
--- Gilbert Nancy L Contr 9 CES/CEC
<> wrote:

> My husband, Ames, and I happened on some interesting
> Calochortus hybrids in
> the Mt. Diablo park this spring. One type appeared
> to be a hybrid between C.
> umbellatus and C. pulchellus and it had all the
> intermediate characteristics
> you  would expect if you married the two. We found
> three plants, all within
> a small area, that appeared to be these hybrids. 
> Later in the spring Ames returned and found a very
> unique Calochortus
> blooming; If I have time I will post some photos and
> get opinions on it. If
> I were to guess, based simply on apperances, I would
> say that it was a
> hybrid between C. luteus and and C. umbellatus or C.
> luteus and C.
> pulchellus. It was the only plant of this type and
> was really unusual. It
> looked like a miniature, lemon yellow mariposa that
> was too shy to fully
> open. 
> Has anyone every heard of these species hybridizing
> before?
> Nancy Gilbert
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