Manfreda seeds
Mon, 01 Nov 2004 15:33:04 PST

I have Manfreda virginica seeds from southeast Texas, and I'm happy to send 
them out for S.A.S.E.  

As always I'm happy to get seeds but no trade is necessary--I'm happy to 
share these Texas native plants.

The seeds are from Montgomery County and Harris County (just north of Houston 
area and Houston area).  They are just about as far west and south as you can 
find this species.  West or South you find other species of Manfreda.  

Some of the plants have purple spots when stressed, when they are grown in 
hot, hot sun without fertilizer.  However, in the garden, the spots are subtle 
and hard to see, and the plants produce nice flower stalks.  Some say the 
flowers are fragrant, but I haven't noticed this for myself.  

If you want seeds please send me a personal email.  As always, sending in the 
USA is easy, overseas can be done sometimes but not always.  



P.S. We finally got a lot of rain, and temperatures cooled off overnight--it 
was 62 F this morning.  I think this extra-long summer is over, temperatures 
may drop to the mid-50s on Tuesday night (13 C).  Rain is predicted for another 
day or so, 1-3 inches.  

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