What About Mexican (and Probably Mexian) Hymenocallis, First Winter

Kevin D. Preuss hyline@tampabay.rr.com
Mon, 15 Nov 2004 16:33:21 PST
Let em go until they do/if they do go dormant...some may keep going all year
long.  If they do not they will just take longer to grow as large.  I had a
real hard time w/ this. it usually takes a few years and a few
mistakes...like most things.
I thought my hym. howardii were gone and the next June they came up w/
vigor.  many just go away for the winter. The ones from the SE US are in a
hurry to come up in the spring, but those from Mexico are later in
breaking...some into late May.
 Plastic can/will get too hot. A small 8x8x8 plastic house of 2x4's covered
w/ plastic and a folding door to open in the day did for me 10 yrs ago when
starting some of my first hybrid seedling.  One night fell don to 9 F and
that was it for most.  A few Hipp, including neopardinum, made it, Clivia
became mush.

Kevin Preuss - St. Pete, FL
Where Spider lilies are beginning to dry off, while one from Guatemala is in
full bloom!

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