That Outlaw! Homeria.
Tue, 23 Nov 2004 13:40:37 PST…

"APHIS has determined that several areas of the
United States provide ideal climate conditions for the establishment of
Homeria spp. As stated in our proposed rule, we believe there is a
significant risk associated with the importation of seeds of Homeria
spp. as contaminants of shipments of Australian oats or other varieties
of seeds. We believe that such shipments provide a direct path for
establishment of Homeria spp. in U.S. pastures, which could result in
the poisoning of livestock, reduction of carrying capacity, and
substantial losses for U.S. farmers.
    Further, our review of the scientific literature has revealed that
species of the genus Homeria have escaped from garden plantings in
Australia and New Zealand into surrounding areas. According to the
literature, dispersal occurs by the movement of corms and seeds, aided
by humans, animals, wind, and water. When plants dry out at the end of
the growing season, they may break off at the soil level, with seed
heads attached. The dry plants then may blow around the ground surface,
scattering seeds."

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