Hippeastrum cybister - BX 76 #30

Dr Paul Chapman cyrtanthus@blueyonder.co.uk
Sun, 14 Nov 2004 13:19:03 PST
Dell and all,

I have good news.  When I received my seeds from BX 76, there was a label on
packet #30, Hippeastrum cybister, saying 'there is reason to believe this
seed may not be viable - you have not been charged for this packet'.

I used my usual germination technique for Hippeastrum seed - floating on
water in a sealed container in the clothes cupboard (temperature about
20-25oC / 68-77oF).  I floated the seeds on 30 October.  Of the 12 seeds I
received, 6 have so far germinated, and are large enough to be potted up.

If you also received these seeds, and thought it might not be worth the
effort - do try them - 50% germination is better than I get for many seeds!


Dr Paul Chapman, Wallington, Surrey, UK
South London commuter belt suburbia - zone 9a, where we had the first slight
frost of the winter last night, after a very sunny but very cold day, and
where the flowers of Cyrtanthus elatus x falcatus are just about to open in
the greenhouse.

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