Favorite Blue Flower Bulbs--TOW

sheilab sheila1@iinet.net.au
Tue, 16 Nov 2004 05:00:20 PST
Sorry, I forgot to mention the other blue flowering bulbs I like, I am so 
enarmoured of Leucocoryne.
 I also like Babiana disticha which is a pale blue with darker blue markings 
and a lovely perfume. Scilla peruviana, of which I have the blue and a 
purple form. Ipheion "Rolf Fiedler" can't be beaten for true blue colouring. 
I also grow a few  T.  leichtlinii but not very well and I don't like them 
as much as Leucocoryne.

Regards Sheila
Western Australia
Z 10ish

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