Another note on pots

diana chapman
Tue, 02 Nov 2004 10:02:56 PST
Dear All:

I have been using the styrofoam boxes that grapes are packed in for some
things.  They are a bit shallow (about 4"), but the thick styrofoam
insulates the potting soil really well.  There are holes all around the
periphery, so I have to drill a few holes down the middle.  They're free!!!
I usually only use them for sowing seeds, but some tiny bulbs do well in
them too.  When I lived in the hot Central Valley, they were outside in full
sun, and the seedlings did extremely well in them.

I put a torn piece of paper towel over the holes of pots.  By the time it
has rotted, the roots are filling the pot and holding the potting mix in
place.  Sometimes I do remove it by just pulling it through the hole.
Drainage seems adequate.


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