Hymenocallis over winter

jyourch@nc.rr.com jyourch@nc.rr.com
Wed, 17 Nov 2004 10:45:07 PST
Jim Shields wrote:

>Does anyone else have observations on hardiness of Hymenocallis
>outdoors in the ground year-round?


I had H. latifolia and H. 'Tropical Giant' in the ground over last
winter and all survived, sprouted vigorously in the spring, and
bloomed and offset well this summer.

This year I have added a variegated Hymenocallis (don't know the species),
one from Guatemala that I got from Kevin Preuss, H. maximiliani,
H. occidentalis, H. rotata, and another mystery Hymenocallis I got from
Alani Davis.

All are in the ground and are staying there for the winter.
I will pile the mulch on if we have any sustained cold outbreaks and
will report what happens in the spring.

Thanks to another generous PBS member (you know who you are) I now have
some new H. acutifolia seedlings that I will winter frost free and plant
out next spring.


Jay Yourch

Central North Carolina, USA (USDA Zone 7b)

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