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Hans und Babs Joschko
Mon, 29 Nov 2004 12:02:21 PST
Hello Lauw ,
thank you for your answer to Homeria .
I have found your wonderful pictures on your webseite .
With best wishes

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Moraea species of the Homeria section which are (for me) the easiest to
M britteniae, collina, flaccida, ochroleuca, marlothii, cookii, miniata and
pendula. Should be planted  August - september (beware of corms offered
during the springsales). In our area none of these species have a tendency
to become invasive (apart from possibly M bulbillifera) Pictures are shown
in our website

le 28/11/04 13:58, Hans und Babs Joschko à a écrit :
> Can you please give me a advice what are the other plants beside M.
> marlothii in the section Homeria of Moraea .

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