Suggestions for atypical crypto

Tue, 23 Nov 2004 03:58:41 PST
Excuses for the fact thast the message was send four times. Two 
suggestions have come forth to explain the anomalous value for the 
large cryptostephanus vansonii Firsts Waddick suggested:  ""all 
plants in culture are tetraploid. Two objections: the number in 
Cryptostephanus vansonii has been counted as 2n=24 as Clivia 
has 2n = 22 this seems a diploid. Further if 44.6 is a tetraploid a 
triploid would be 33.5 not 36.4 pg. Morevover it was grown from 
seed. G Duncan suggested that it might be a cross with Clivia 
Apart from the white flowers the DNA does not fir either. Excluding 
Clivia mirablis, the lowest Clivia value is 34.7 for C nobilis ( C 
miniata has 39.2)  If the plant with 36. 4 is the hybrid the value for 
the other parent ( with one parent 44.6) would be 28.2  pg not 34.7. 
So I await other suggestions
Ben J.M.Zonneveld
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