Calochortus Hybrids

diana chapman
Tue, 09 Nov 2004 17:48:36 PST
Dear All:

I haven't seen too many hybrids on my wanderings, except for hybrids between
C. luteus and C. superbus.  These are extremely common where their ranges
overlap.  I grew a large pot full of hybrid bulbs from one seed pod from a
wild hybrid (these are not sterile, obviously), and the color range was
amazing - all shades of white through cream, pale yellow to deep yellow.


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> Dear All,
> A number of years ago Mike Mace tried to create hybrids between the
> different groups. I think he reported that when they bloomed, they didn't
> look like hybrids, but like one of the species. Mike, if you are paying
> attention to this discussion, can you comment.
> I was amused to just see that Bob Werra's post was just rejected by a
> Queensland email program because it "was found to contain inappropriate
> content". This email program has also rejected a number of Jim McKenney's
> posts so apparently has a high standard for acceptable language.
> Perhaps it is the common name of C. tolmiei that is the problem? I guess
> need to stick to cat's ears.
> Mary Sue
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