Cryptostephanus DNA

James Waddick
Mon, 22 Nov 2004 18:31:55 PST
>All had nearly the same value 44.6 picogram DNA per nucleus.
>However a ""typical but large leaved  white flowering form of J
>Waddick had 36.4 pg  This suggests that it a = hybrid b.= a new

Dear All;
	I do not know the karyotype or chromosome number of 
Cryptostephanus. I was wondering if the typical form is a natural 
tetraploid and my odd plant might be a triploid. The ratio of DNA 
(44.6 versus 36.4) is close enough to suggest that. Does anyone know 
the ploidy of this species?
	Another odd thing about this 'off reading' is that the plant 
in question is considerably larger in stature than my 'pink form' or 
another typical white seedling. I'd think a tetraploid might be 
huskier than a triploid, not the opposite seen here.

	What might be happening here?

	Thanks	Jim W.

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