Alstroemeria growing

Jane McGary
Mon, 29 Nov 2004 10:06:39 PST
I'm collecting material on the genus Alstroemeria in hope of eventually 
compiling a small book on the subject. One part of this research is 
learning other growers' experiences. I'd like to correspond and perhaps 
visit others who have grown both species and hybrids (our forum member Roy 
Sachs is a notable enthusiast in California, for instance). In particular, 
I need to answer questions like these:

1. Which species are firmly established in cultivation, and which are 
considered desirable but not yet established?

2. Which species have been used for hybridizing, other than the 
well-documented A. ligtu, A. aurea, and A. pulchella?

3. How do commercial hybrids and wild species perform in different climates 
around the world, especially in the open garden? In particular, what has 
winter survival been like in regions where winter temperatures regularly 
fall below 20 degrees F/minus 6 C?

4. How suitable is the current range of hybrids (mostly developed for 
cutflower production) for planting in gardens?

5. Has anyone attempted to hybridize small, showy species (particularly A. 
hookeri) with an eye toward creating a low-growing, heavy-flowering group 
of cultivars for garden borders?

I hope some of you can participate in this information-gathering. I've 
already been growing about 15 species for some years and have viewed and 
photographed them during three trips to Chile, but I need to do much more!

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon, USA

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