BACK UP - Grass Aloes are "sort of" bulbs - NOT

James Waddick
Sat, 27 Nov 2004 06:18:55 PST
>Some aloes are deciduous in the wild, growing in summer rainfall areas and
>dying back in winter.  They are typically hardy (as aloes go) for 2 
>reasons:  1)
>the top dies back and the root behaves like a bulb, and 2) they typically
>come from higher elevations.
>...  They are not "bulbs," but because they die back to
>a perennial rootstock; because they leaf out in warm weather and have such
>wonderful flowers, I think of them as bulb-type garden plants.

Dear Joe and All;
	Hate to be a spoil sport, but...
	I had to refute comparing grass aloes to bulbs. As far as I 
know there are no bulbous Aloe. These are herbaceous perennials plain 
and simple. Don't really mind any discussions especially if any are 
really Zone 5/6 hardy, but these are not bulbs.

	Just a small reality check. Humbug season I suppose.

		Best	Jim W.
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