Why wont my seedlings return ?

Daryl Geoghegan plants_man@bigpond.com
Sun, 21 Nov 2004 16:05:25 PST
Hi Rob,

the first adjustment I suggest is your raising medium. Try pure sand and 
feed with blood and bone and woodash. The simpler the soil content, the more 
success I have had. As bulbs are natures adaptatin to poor soils, you will 
find that sand and clay keep these bulbs really well during the dormant 

The second is, once they are settled and growing in the sand, use a small 
covering of grass over the soil during the hotter months. This slows down 
dessication of most small Amaryllids.

My challenge here is too much heat and spring rain before they have had a 
chance to die down and go dormant. This cooks them in the soil and I can 
loose them very easily if I  don't shade them somehow. I am growing corn in 
the rows this year and that is working well.

Must be that we all have one hickup or another in dealing with our 

Have a great day,


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Hi  all,

Firstly apologies  for those  who  receive  this as a  multiple
posting,  but I  want to  reach as  many  experts  as  possible.

I  have an  ongoing  problem of  not  getting  my winter  rainfall
South African  amaryllids to  return in their  second  season.  They
grow  well from  sowing in  autumn  / winter  until  late  spring .  As
  it  is  now  towards  the  end of their  growing season here I  have
been  gently  removing the  surface  of  potting mix   and  in most
cases  am  finding plenty  of  small  bulbs  sitting there   with
active  roots in most  cases. They  do  occasionally  sprout  the
following  autumn winter  but  often  a lot  less than  were  present.

There  are  exceptions  and  this  year  Brunsvigia orientalis  ,
Cybistetes  longifolia , Haemanthus  coccinea ,  Nerine  humilis  and
Strumaria discifera  and tenella  all returned  although  the  latter
tended  to  remain  evergreen through  summer.

In  past  years  I  have  raised several other  Brunsvigia  , Crossyne
and   Strumaria  species  without any  problems.

I  have  no  such  problem  with summer rainfall amaryllids with often
grow   for  12  to 18  months  before their  first  dormancy.

I  wonder  if  our daytime  temperatures  being  too  low is  part of
the  problem  -    from  late  autumn we often  have prolonged  periods
  where  daytime   high  does not  get  above
10-12C  with  odd  days    even  lower.   However  there  are  many
winter  growing amaryllids  which  are  very  happy  growing in the
garden   here   including  Amaryllis  belladonna, Brunsvigia
jospehinae , Haemanthus  coccinea    and  Nerine sarniensis  and
others  of  these  genera  which  I  have  purchased as  more  mature
seedling bulbs   seem  happy.

I  am  going  to  trial  some  of  the  species   under  glass next
winter  to  see  if it  helps  with  a  glasshouse  currently under

I  now   raise  all  these  seeds in commercial seed raising  mix
50;50  with coarse  sand.

I  would   love  to  hear  of  your  ideas  and  experiences.



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