Shade loving amaryllids

Kevin D. Preuss
Thu, 11 Nov 2004 09:20:39 PST

> >Can I get some suggestions for shade loving, summer moisture tolerant,
> >and SE zone 7b hardy amaryllids?
> Steve;

eucharis x grandiflora
Eucrosia bicolor
Hymenocallis (many speceis)
Hippeasrtum reticulatum var. srtiatifolium and their hynrids
Hipp. puniceum
Crinum jagus
C. moorei
Caliphuria subdentata/ Eucharis fosterii
Eurycles cunninghamii, 
possibly even some Ismene/Elisene
Scadoxus multiflorus
Some agapanthus...

Hope this helps lil' bit.
Kevin D. Preuss

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