those darn Crinum names

David Sneddon
Fri, 01 Oct 2004 17:48:42 PDT
Believe you've seen the systematic review Les Hannibal did at
And looking at the occurances of where Schmidti appears there-in it is apparent how confusing the use of the name is. 
My observation of those notes and communication I've had with folk is that Carolo-Schmidtii and Moorei var Schmidtii are two entirely different plants.
In the Genus Crinum Southern Africa Verdoorn writes that Carolo-Schmidtii: 
-medium leaves under 2cm broad at the base 
-leaves flaccid spreading, shallowly, canaliculate
I understand the flower is also somewhat different.
DrCrinum wrote at IBS message 385 somewhat on the subject of Crinum Moorei var Schmidtii. Maybe even more specific is message 378. 

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