Diplarrena moraea

Robert Hamilton roberth6@mac.com
Mon, 25 Oct 2004 22:28:51 PDT
Hi  all,

I  sent  some  seed of  this  Australian plant to  the  Seedex  earlier 
this  year and  because it is in flower at  present I  decided I should 
post  some images  to  let  you  know  more about the  genus.

Mary  Sue  has  kindly  set up a  new wiki  page  for  this  genus  at :


We  have  a  grassy bank  above  our  home  which   has a   100  or  
clumps  (  the  seed  source) and  it  is  a  common  roadside  plant 
which  I  never  tire  of  seeing. It  starts  flowering  here  in  
early  October  and  continues  until  around the  end  of  November.

I  dont  know a  lot about raising it  from  seed  but  I  did  sow  
some  seed in March this  year  and  had  seedlings  within a  couple 
of  months. They  are  now   3-4cm  tall  and  starting  to  form  
small  clumps.

Yes , I  like  it  enough  to  want  to  plant  some   clumps  around  
our  garden  !


Rob  in Tasmania

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