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Christine Council scamp@earthlink.net
Mon, 11 Oct 2004 10:55:27 PDT
Hello friends,
I have to say that were it not for Dell, I don't know if I would have
a lover of Oxalis because they seem to disappear. Either the heavy rain has
them away or perhaps the Morning Doves have eaten them; they seem to
especially love
the O' Garnet.  I have a Squirrel that makes no bones about stealing my
bulbs etc,
he squirrels them away for our cold winter, even suns him or herself in the
flower pots.
I have had to replace a few bulbs and surprising enough, many people have
never heard
of Oxalis or don't carry them in their store.  Dell has patience and asks
if I am placing
a double order because he remembered that I placed this request at least
once before. My friends have also taken to the Oxalis and nice person that
I am, I've allowed them to try their hand at growing my favorite. I have
given away a few of my beautiful Oxalis to family because I am proud of my
"green thumb," don't laugh.  Dell is also organized and timely, so I am
able to know when my little parcel will arrive, I'm like a kid in a candy
store. Is that the mail person knocking at my door?

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> Date: 10/10/2004 7:34:31 PM
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> Hi all:
> Perhaps the greatest success of the BX is to count with the continuing 
> effort of Dell to distribute such an enormous quantity of material along
> year. It never stops and in it you can find from the more common material 
> useful for the newcomer to start with the easier species  to incredible 
> rarities
> nowhere else to be offered. And all for the same nominal price.
> I have received many species both as seed and as bulbs and I can assure
> it is about the best available. It is almost normal to obtain a full 100% 
> germination and "bulb lawns" are practically the rule. This can only be 
> obtained from fresh seed and some sources particularly in California seem
> never stop. As for the quality of bulbs and corms it is equally superb
> only in two occasions I have problems although this of course has nothing
> do with the BX or PBS.
> Listing all species I have received would take too long but I would 
> encourage those that still aren't to become members of PBS both to have 
> access to the BX and also to support this immensely successful effort of 
> Mary Sue, Cathy, Arnold, among others.  Many thanks.
> All the best for now
> Alberto
> in Buenos Aires, where the long drought has produced the best performance 
> ever from Cape bulbs.
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