Cypella hauthalii opalina

Rogan Roth
Fri, 29 Oct 2004 00:49:56 PDT
>>>A beautiful plant.  Now I know how South America compensates for not
having Calochortus<<<

I also enjoy this Cypella tremendously because it resembles Calochortus
spp. - and I find it is much easier to grow! 

>>>I would be interested in Cypella hauthalii opalina sources also<<<

I don't have many plants flowering and they don't set many seeds per
capsule, but I will send what I've got to the BX when they have

>>>In all my years in the field I have seen tenths of thousands of
these plants and never a single one in semishade<<<

Thanks to Alberta for giving us insights into the growing conditions it
experiences in its natural habitats (perhaps a photograph or two?).

More often than not I have found that plants grown in pots tend to
appreciate slightly shaded conditions rather than full, blazing sunshine
which tends to heat the potting medium up too much resulting in stunted
roots. However, conditions do vary and admittedly my conditions are
probably quite different to those existing in the field.

Good growing
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