Tony Palmer adpal@ihug.co.nz
Fri, 22 Oct 2004 22:02:53 PDT
Hi Everyone,
The latest issue of the IBS Bulletin BULBS is currently being mailed out.
Those of you who are IBS members will have either received it already or it
will be with you very shortly. Non members can purchase copies for $US5 each
from Dave Lehmiller, drcrinum@aol.com.  

Our feature article in this issue is called "A Gardeners Guide to Crocus"
and is a beautifully illustrated guide to the Genus, highlighting the more
easily observed features of the Crocus plant which are useful in
distinguishing the different species. It also includes some hints for
successful cultivation. Tony Goode from Norwich, England is the author and

There are two excellent articles written by an Italian member, Alberto
Grossi. One is on Gloriosa lilies and the other on Pancratium. Also
illustrated by the author.

Trying to balance the origins of the authors as well as the bulbs, our next
two come from the US, although John Bryan tells us in his "Reminiscences of
working with Jan de Graaff" that he snuck into the States under the French
quota of the time! Jim Shields, on the other hand, is most definitely a
native, having been born, raised and educated in Indiana. He is still to be
found there if he's not holidaying in exotic parts of the world. His recent
trip to South Africa is recorded in his diary type account "Plant Notes from
South Africa, May - June 2004".

Alan Meerow has written the book reviews for this issue. He has covered
"Agapanthus for Gardeners" by Hanneke van Dijk, as well as "Amaryllis" by
Starr Ockenga and "Hippeastrum, The Gardener's Amaryllis" by Veronica M.
Read. Various other snippets, including a short article by Terry Hatch
speculating on whether the mycorrhizal fungi associated with Podocarpus
totara trees are the cause of clivias growing so well underneath them and
another by the same author whose patience with Brunsvigia was well and truly
rewarded, conclude this issue.

Work is already underway on the next issue which will have a distinctly
South American flavour. Also in the issue I would like to pay tribute to
Jack Elliott who sadly passed away this year. If any of you who knew Jack
would like to contribute a paragraph or two in memory of him, please email
them to me soon - adpal@ihug.co.nz 


Best wishes

Tony Palmer
Editor, BULBS

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