Crocus mathewii

Pacific Rim
Sun, 24 Oct 2004 23:15:28 PDT
Jane McGary has posted an image of a pot of heart-stoppingly beautiful
Crocus mathewii grown from seed.
I have no reason to suppose they are not C. mathewii, but they do differ
from my plants, which descend as clones from the original Kerndorff & Pasche
collection in Turkey. I borrowed a picture from
Tony Goode to illustrate this taxon on my website. His photograph is much
better than mine but looks exactly like my plant in bloom.

Jane's Crocus looks excitingly different. The petals are somewhat broader,
the color
at the heart is deeper and its rays are more jagged.

Jane, do you know where and when Michael Kammerlander's parent seeds were
collected? How long ago
did you sow them, and how did you treat them?

If, in addition, anyone has anything to suggest about the synonymy of
mathewii with another Crocus, I am interested to hear the concise
allegations. :-)

Paige Woodward

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