Corey Thompson
Sun, 10 Oct 2004 09:59:19 PDT
Hi Mary Sue:

Thanks for the warm welcome and the links to the
threads about fragrant bulbs.  I am still discovering
all the features on this list, and I'm sure I'll be
passing many hours in the near future reading through
all the archives.  I feel like I've struck it rich!  

I was only able to find one piece of information
regarding my specific question (which Hymenocallis
species are most fragrant) in the links you gave me,
and 'Sulfur Queen' is already on my "to buy" list when
the catalogues publish their spring bulb list, so I
hope other people will chime in with a few other

I am mainly an indoor grower but am lucky enough to be
blessed with a a large sunroom and large, unobstructed
windows facing all exposures.  I obtained two
Hymenocallis 'Tropical Giant' starts in late April,
potted them up in a 10" pot, stuck them in a southern
window and lo and behold they both flowered at the end
of July.   They have both since produced several
offsets and are now in a 14" pot.  Not bad, eh? 
Needless to say I was instantly hooked and have been
determined to look for other Hymenocallis species ever

My main interest is in fragrant plants, especially
those that are fragrant at night.  Some of my favorite
and most successful houseplants have been Brunfelsia
americana, Brassavola nodosa, Epiphyllum anguliger,
Epiphyllum oxypetalum, several Neomarica species,
Sansevieria parva and a jolly green giant of a
Monstera deliciosa that I am determined to flower and
fruit indoors.  The genus Brunfelsia has also captured
my interest lately and I have obtained several other
species to complement my B. americana.  Any of these
plants can nearly stink me out of the house (in a good
way) on a warm, humid summer night (except the E.
anguliger which blooms in the fall and the Neomaricas
which are day-bloomers), and the Hymenocallis
'Tropical Giant' can certainly be added to that list,
too.  The only other bulbs I currently grow indoors
are Crinum oliganthum, Eucharis 'Christine' and, most
recently, Hymenocallis tubiflora and an unidentified
Hymenocallis species from Guatemala.  

I can't wait to try more! :-)

Take care,
Corey in Chicago
--- Mary Sue Ittner <> wrote:

> Hi Corey,
> Welcome to our list. I hope you'll tell us a little
> about yourself and what 
> you grow.

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