Lycoris aurea

James Waddick
Mon, 11 Oct 2004 11:24:19 PDT
Dear Joe;
	I notice no response about L. aurea so I'll throw  in some thoughts.

	Lycoris aurea is often mis-identified especially if it came 
from a commercial source. The true species is the largest in the 
genus with foliage as much as an inch across and a yard long. Also 
very succulent. It is very frost sensitive. In pots they'd need even 
more protection and probably will not bloom reliable north of Zone 
9(protected) or 10. It is probably the tenderest of all readily 
available Lycoris species.
	Contrary to all the advice you seem to have already received, 
I'd give them ample water almost year round with some reduction in 
summer, but do not allow to bake dry. They do like a summer warm 
dormancy, but not a dry baking. They enjoy a lot of water especially 
in spring. In nature they grow in some shade such as the edge of 
woods so experience a few hours per day of direct sun and mostly 
dappled or deeper shade. If given the choice I'd plant them on the 
east side of the house giving them exposure to less intense morning 
sun and afternoon shade.

	Not sure about pH needs, but I'd guess neutral to slightly 
acid, good drainage.

	Good luck.	Jim W.
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