Ann Marie
Sat, 23 Oct 2004 20:53:30 PDT
A year or more ago we had a group order and I purchased several bulblets and one small bulb.  They have survived.  The amazing thing about them is the leave always looks as thou someone clipped them.  They are still small and will not bloom for several years to come.  I first saw one in bloom at a succulent society show  and new I wanted this bulb. But anything in blooming size was very expensive.  I also saw them at Quail Botantical Gardens.  So I will wait and hope I don't kill them. Ann Marie

Mary Sue Ittner <> wrote:///Dear/ All,

My attempts since May to get introductions for the topic of the week have 
not been very fruitful except for a few notable exceptions (Pelargonium, 
Paeonia). I've really tried, sending out lots of emails, but either I don't 
get replies or the people I ask have been too busy to help. I have 
concluded that I don't have time to keep struggling with this so plan to 
give up trying to do a Topic of the Week. I'll finish the year out with 
sporadic topics if I think of some that don't require introductions. 
Hopefully we can finish the favorite bulbs by colors and do blue and white. 
There are a couple pending topics that are possible too if people find the 
time to get them to me. If anyone is bursting to talk about their favorite 
genus and wants to do an intro for me please contact me privately. Since 
our archives are public we hear from people who are not members of our list 
who were eager for information and are thrilled when they come upon some of 
those introductions.

About a year ago I asked for help with the topic of the week. I've tried 
doing it less frequently, recycling old topics, doing things that didn't 
require an introduction, and some of the other ideas suggested then. A 
couple of people volunteered to do topics and we have done those. One of 
the ideas I proposed then was to talk about a genus without an introduction 
and hope that people will share all they know about it. I think I tried it 
once and drew a blank.

Someone very much wanted us to talk about Ammocharis so I am proposing it 
as a topic of the week. Who grows this? What species? What are your 
experiences? Thanks ahead for anyone willing to respond.

Mary Sue

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So. California, San Gabriel Valley, Zone 21 (Sunset Western Garden book) , influenced by both marine and interior air(Santa Ana winds). This makes it perfect for Citrus trees and most So African plants. I collect belladonnas, oxalis, criniums, amaryllis, palms, epiphyllums, succulents and other south african bulbs.  For home and garden sculptures go to  

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