Crinum x powellii

Jim Lykos
Sun, 24 Oct 2004 17:52:31 PDT
Hi  Jim,

Yes I have seen two  large /tall  pink forms of  Crinum x powellii  set 
seed - in fact one of them very plentifully.   Both were seen  growing 
in botanically gardens at Adelaide and in Christchurch New Zealand and 
were staged along the banks of  lakes/large ponds.

I'm not sure if the wet growing conditions are an additional  factor - 
but I suspect that they are from a C. moorei x  C. bulbispernum cross, 
and not a  C. bulbispernum x  moorei cross which are more commonly found 
and appear infertile.  They are both particulary tall  plants from 5 to 
6 feet high, had formed large clumps and given their robustness were 
probably tetraploidal.
Every flower in the cultivar at Adelaide appeared to have set seeds.
Jim Lykos
Springwood  - Sydney

James Waddick wrote:

> Dear all;
>     I had an abundance of bloom on Crinum x powellii this spring and 
> summer. I dabbed pollen indiscriminately on many flowers from C. 
> bulbispermum (mostly) and other powellii-types. Of the potentially 
> hundreds of such dabbings I got 5 small seeds. Of these two have 
> germinated to the 2 leaf stage. One other has put out a root, but is 
> sitting there.
>     Has anyone else ever had an x powellii set fertile seed?
>     I plan on wintering them indoors, frost free.
>     Very curious.        Jim W.

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