Cal Hort Meeting Monday November 15, 2004

Mary Sue Ittner
Sun, 31 Oct 2004 12:19:19 PST
Dear Northern California members,

One of our members from Oregon is going to be in Northern California in 
November, Ernie O'Byrne. His wife Marietta is going to be giving a talk at 
the monthly Cal Hort meeting on Monday November 15 entitled, "Hot Borders 
-- Cool Plants; Exciting Borders and Interesting Uses of New plants." Ernie 
and Marietta grow a lot of rock garden and woodland perennials and are well 
known for their collection of hellebores and no doubt there will be some of 
those featured. Perhaps a few bulbs too.

My husband and I are hoping to get to this meeting. A number of years ago 
some of us within driving range went to hear Rod Saunders on one occasion 
and Wayne Roderick on another when they were the Cal Hort speakers and 
managed to meet each other. There is a walk at The Botanical Gardens of San 
Francisco (formerly Strybing) at 4:00 and then people gather for dinner at 
5:30. The meeting usually starts at 7:15 and the speaker at 8:00 which 
makes it a bit challenging for those of us who live 3-4 hours away. 
Definitely a stay-over somewhere or a late night. Some of us met on the 
walk and sat together at dinner so we had a bit of a chance to associate 
names with faces and talk. I'd love to meet some of you who live in the Bay 
Area or farther away who might come. Please email me privately if you are 
going so we can arrange to meet. Thanks.

Mary Sue

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