Mary Sue Ittner
Wed, 01 Sep 2004 11:11:12 PDT
Dear All,

Jay's message about his begonias has prompts me to add that I recently made 
the Begonia wiki page and added a beautiful species we saw blooming at the 
Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens, Begonia boliviensis. Begonia species was 
requested as a topic of the week, but my attempts to get people I thought 
might be able to introduce it to do so have led no where. If there is 
anyone in our group willing to take this on sometime please contact me 

The Mendocino gardens have an area reserved every summer for the large 
gorgeous tuberous hybrids and we took some pictures of them too. Anyone 
interested in my adding them to the wiki when I have time? They weren't all 

Any of you who grow Begonia and have pictures for the wiki are welcome to 
add them.

Mary Sue
Wearing my wiki administrator hat

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