Color terms

Mon, 20 Sep 2004 10:53:21 PDT

although such intruments as ColorPicker are useful for the creation of
websites, they only remain "true" when viewed on the same kind of monitor
that has been identically calibrated.  This is doable, but it is far from
universal.  Printing is a waste of time.

I love my RHS colour chart.  Yes, it was expensive, but I can maintain the
accuracy I desire and I am much more likely to replace my computer monitor
than the colour card!

For myself, the two are apples and oranges,


Jamie V.

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> >Remember this color chart is accepted around the
> >world and is very accurate. Can the same be said of Colorpicker?
> In a word, yes. It is identical to the color picker that comes with
> and is available free to all.  The download takes less than a minute and
> available at:
> It works with all browsers.
> Within minutes we could be communicating about the same color with out
> to give it an inadequate "name".
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