Germinating Cardiocrinum giganteum

Paul Tyerman
Tue, 07 Sep 2004 05:56:21 PDT
At 11:46  6/09/04, you wrote:
>So you used no cold treatment?  Directly sowed and they germinated?


It is currently early spring here, so they had a natural cold treatment. 
<grin>  I harvested them and sowed them within 24 hours from memory..... 
I'll have to check my records to see exactly when that was.  I gave them 
just the same as I do for any other seed, no special treatment for them in 
particular.  They are in a shaded area that is dedicated to my pots of seeds.

I sowed my first bulb seeds in '99....... now it is totally out of hand and 
I generally sow a couple of hundred pots a year, which you'd realise was a 
BIG mistake if you saw how small my garden is and how much everything is 
already packed into it!!  Still, not as bad as some people I heard of, 
although they are usually the people who have a nursery or acreage or 
something!!  LOL

OK, I just went and checked.  I sowed the seed in June as this year for 
some reason the seed pods on the Cardiocrinum took AGES to mature.  I leave 
them on the plant until the pod actually starts to split naturally.  This 
happened this year in early June and I pretty much sowed the seed within 
the next couple of days as I mentioned above.

To be honest I wasn't really expecting them to germinate until next spring 
as I think the other ones that I had germinate from the older seed took a 
full year + to germinate..... I certainly wasn't expecting just a few 
months, but that is definitely the case.  A very good germination rate too 
by the look of it as the pot is pretty much packed with shoots.

So if you're getting very fresh seed just go ahead and plant it (or some of 
it outside and try cold treatment for others etc.).  Good luck!!


Paul Tyerman
Canberra, Australia.  USDA equivalent - Zone 8/9
Where it is raining!!!!!!!!  Yeah!!  We've had more rain (around 95mm) in 
the last 2 weeks than we've had in the last 7 months put together, and Oh 
Boy is it overdue.  Feels like there might be hope after all.  Hopefully it 
keeps up a bit longer yet though.  You can just about hear the plants 
rejoicing! <grin> 

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