2004 membership directory?

boutin boutin@goldrush.com
Sat, 04 Sep 2004 08:53:59 PDT
Dear Pat,

I was expecting to preview what is listed for me.  I don't remember what I
said when I signed up for PBS about the first of the year.  It is a bit
confusing not knowing what is or is not going to be listed.

Fred Boutin
PO Box 1450
Tuolumne, CA 95379
zone 7
Currently interested in the genus Ledebouria, particularly the variations of
L. socialis.
In another life I grew many Hippeastrum species and hybrids.
Besides a lifelong interest in cultivated and native plants I have studied
palms cultivated in California, Brahea native in Mexico, and the archetypal
symbolism of palms.  Apropos to PBS several palms are geotropes and almost



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> The new directory is nearly complete. For some people we have only name
> and address and no information on the other items we list:
> Favorite bulbs
> Favorite plants
> Plant related business
> Would the following people please contact me if you wish to have this
> information listed:
> Carolyn Craft, Charles Edelman, James R. Fisher, Kenneth Hixson, Dell
> Sherk, Chad Schroter, Tom Wells, Robert Werra, Doug Westfall, Mark
> Wilcox, Paul Chapman, Mark Smythe, Paul Tyerman and Alf Valjebeck.
> Some of you probably provided this information when you signed up but
> the original membership papers are not available to me.
> There is also the possibility that favorites have changed so anybody who
> wishes to know what their entry says and might want to change it can
> contact me.
> We are expecting to send out the directory with the summer newsletter.
> Pat Colville
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> Just curious - is there a 2004 membership directory, or are we still
> using
> the 2003 edition?
> Judy in New Jersey where yesterday's storm rolled away, leaving a
> glorious
> autumnal sort of day to follow it. Black walnut trees are dropping their
> leaves (silly things always go bare months before anything else) and
> goldfinches flitter to the thistles, looking for early seed.
> Hummingbirds
> visit the smaller-flowered cannas, and the last scattering of bloom on
> summer phlox. The glowing flowers of Dahlia 'Bishop of Llandaff' are a
> color
> preview of autumnal hues. The garden centers are already filled with
> pots of
> chrysanthemums, Halloween candy is on the shelves, and I avert my gaze
> for
> the first Christmas decorations already on display.
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