New wiki photos; Worsleya bloom

Mary Sue Ittner
Thu, 16 Sep 2004 15:19:09 PDT
Dear All,

Some time ago I asked on this list whether the name on the wiki should be 
Worsleya procera or Worsleya rayneri? I looked it up in IPNI and both were 
recorded names and there was no mention of synonyms. W. procera does have 
an earlier date.

No one responded to my question. So I'll ask it again after I offer 
congratulations to Lee on his blooming plant. Is there just one species of 
this genus and should we have it listed as Worsleya procera (syn. Worselya 
rayneri) instead of the other way around?

We'd like to be giving out the most current information on the wiki and 
this is not a plant I follow so appreciate help from those of you who do. 

Mary Sue

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