Rats vs rats

Lee Poulsen wpoulsen@pacbell.net
Fri, 03 Sep 2004 13:00:20 PDT
I remembered what the species was: Rhodohypoxis baurii. I have a number 
of different cultivars, and they (or it) munched their way through 
several pots worth before I discovered the damage. It was while they 
were still dormant (late winter/early spring).

--Lee Poulsen
Pasadena area, California, USDA Zone 9-10

On Sep 2, 2004, at 10:27 PM, Lee Poulsen wrote:
> At this house, the first year some rats nearly decimated one 
> particular genus of bulb (and I can't remember what it was, but I 
> nearly lost all of them until I found a partially eaten one left on 
> the surface of the pot so I hid the remaining pots). 

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