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>The reality is a different reality to each person

The perception of a "color" is an event charactized by a blend of three 

The light source (illuminant)
The interaction of an object with the illuminant
The observer

The response of the observer is non-linear and cannot be explained simply by 
trichromacy (red, green, blue receptors)

As the cornea ages and yellows, response to color (mostly blue and green) 

The human eye is deficient in discrimination of yellows

Humans are more sensitive to discrepancies in hue than discrepancies in 
saturation or brightness

Memory colors (i.e. skin tone, green grass, sky blue) matter more than 
non-memory colors.

Relationships between colors are more important than the colors themselves.

The surface of an object and the manner in which it reflects, transmits or 
fluoresces light is important to the perception of color.

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