Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Fri, 17 Sep 2004 23:08:36 PDT
Dear Jim,

So Jim why does Veronica Read prefer the name W. rayneri? Tsuh Yang says 
the correct name is Hippeastrum procerum. But the Worsleya list Lee 
referred to calls itself Worsleya procera which implies that at least the 
leader of the group or owner of the list is accepting the changed name. For 
those of us who are not on that list and not growing this plant and 
therefore not likely to join that list (and therefore unable to look at the 
pictures that are available to members only) will one of you who is a 
member tell us whether there is general agreement by those members about 
the name? Lee what are you calling your plant? Bill (Dijk) what do you call 
yours? The copied message from Alan Meerow ("Mabberly also needs to read 
Systematic Botany where the issue of whether Worsleya is closely related to 
Hippeastrum was (hopefully) put
to rest by my and co-workers DNA studies!") is not helpful to those of us 
who have not read Systematic Botany and do not therefore know what the 
results of the DNA studies are. Can anyone please explain? If there is 
disagreement about this could we hear what each side is saying?

Hoping to hear what people think and know about this,

Mary Sue

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