Cynthia Mueller c-mueller@tamu.edu
Thu, 02 Sep 2004 18:39:20 PDT
Hello, Steve...we're all glad to meet you, and hope to hear your stories
from time to time...don't just talk about crinums, talk about your other
collectibles, too.

Cynthia W. Mueller
College Station, TX
Zone 8b-9

>>> Steve.Burger@choa.org 9/2/04 8:33:15 PM >>>
Hey there,
My name is Steve and I'm a plantaholic.  Actually I'm a crinumaholic. 
I just signed up for the list yesterday and I'm psyched to read about
bulbs from folks as enthused as I am.  BTW Other plants of
interest...Palms, Gingers, aroids and anything that flowers when other
people's landscapes look dreadful ( I live in Georgia, USA so by late
July most people's gardens look tired).
Glad to be joining Y'all,
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