Angelo Porcelli
Sat, 11 Sep 2004 14:04:27 PDT
I do grow Doryanthes palmeri, which is smaller than excelsa, but more
attractive to me. This has a shorter stalk (you don't need a ladder to see
the flowers !) which bent over the wight of the showy red flowers. It
develops a rather large clump with the years, but it could be grown in
container, while I doubt excelsa will work. Also, palmeri is said to be
hardier than excelsa. Formerly placed in Agavaceae (now I don't know) it is
similar for the growing aspects to Hesperaloe or better Beschorneria, as the
head that flower will die after flowering, but the suckers will grow on
their own roots. I don't know if they should be considered geophytes, as
they have just a thickened base under the soil. Better definition would be
herbaceous perennials.

Angelo Porcelli

P.S. Alberto, glad to hear from you again

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